What to do about fleeting passion

Gorgeous article by one of my newest heroes. Heaven knows I struggle with wanting to do everything, and these are some very wise words.

This is an issue a lot of people run into – they are excited to work on lots of projects, but once they get into the nitty gritty of a business it becomes fleeting.

via What to do about fleeting passion.


The Necessary Evil


One of the most fundamental realities of our world (and I think, one of the worst) is that in order to survive, you need money. Well, I suppose that isn’t a an across-the-board truth, but it’s a part of the life I live. Right now we’re paying the bills, but I have some big sparks I’m chasing that will require a bit more cash. My Life Coach certification will cost between $5,200 and $5,500. Yoga instructor school is between $1,500 and $2,200. My tiny home (built myself) will run around $24,000. I have a few pretty costly dreams!

So I got to thinking today, if I start documenting the projects I make (crafty stuff) and add those things to the T-Shirts & Twine store, maybe I can start saving up. T-shirts & Twine is already getting a makeover, and this could be a great opportunity to debut some new stuff!

I’ll keep you all posted as we get closer. I also haven’t given up on the Jump Off the Ladder online course, my books, and the Live Simply magazine, so be on the watch for those as well.