Still Minimalist? (and an anniversary!)

One question I’ve gotten asked a LOT since moving on from the Live Simply blog is “are you still a minimalist?”

Short answer: YES! Absolutely.

Minimalism isn’t something I set out to embrace, but rather something I stumbled onto. I fell in love with the lifestyle a while back and have never regretted making the change. My life is mobile, light, and comfortable for me.

Today is the one-year anniversary of my Minimalist Wardrobe Challenge! One year ago today I limited my wardrobe to 10 items and never looked back. This change led to dramatic downsizing in every other area of my home, and catapulted Tshirts & Twine into the Live Simply Blog. In honor of the challenge that changed my life, here’s a rundown of my current wardrobe:

fall 2013

Unfortunately for me, most of these aren’t exactly what I own. They’re about as close as I could find on Polyvore. 🙂


What to do about fleeting passion

Gorgeous article by one of my newest heroes. Heaven knows I struggle with wanting to do everything, and these are some very wise words.

This is an issue a lot of people run into – they are excited to work on lots of projects, but once they get into the nitty gritty of a business it becomes fleeting.

via What to do about fleeting passion.