Writing Resource: FocusWriter

fwIf you’re anything like me, the fewer distractions during writing time, the better. FocusWriter does exactly what it says on the tin: helps you focus by removing screen clutter. It’s free to download here.

Getting started is super simple: download, open, and type. Focuswriter has a few customization tools such as themes and a cute typewriter sound effect (which I love). You can design your background and foreground or download some lovely pre-generated themes here.


Along with the theme options are some choices for fonts types, colors, and sizes, but once you’ve set yours, they apply to everything on the page. Customize wisely!

My favorite features are a little more technical than aesthetic: a timer to alert you when you’ve written for a pre-set length of time, and a live-updating word counter. I can set a daily goal (2,000 words) and my counter will keep track of my progress and let me know how much further I have to go! Perfect for November.

Try it out and let me know what you think!


My must-haves for NaNoWriMo

A community


Neil Gaiman has often stated that writing is a whole lot of just putting one word after another. When the spark of inspiration begins to fade and I start to slow down, having a community of writers to cheer me on can make all the difference!

Ample pacing space

pacing space

I’m a pacer. Walking helps me process existing ideas and form new ones. Having sufficient pacing space is a must. And I pace enough to also need…

A standing desk

standing desk

I have been doing a lot of research recently about why standing desks are better for you. There’s a lot of info out there about how standing desks are healthier than conventional ones,  but here’s an article on how a standing desk makes you more productive too! I made this one out of a trunk and a piano bench, and it works perfectly for me.

The right soundtrack


Music can make all the difference when I’m writing. For larger, more epic stories, I listen to a lot of Two Steps from Hell. For the lighter, more realistic ones, it’s a lot of the Train Pandora station.



As a writer, it’s not surprising that I am most inspired by words. I have created an inspiration wall and am filling it with quotes from creative people I admire.



For obvious reasons. 🙂

What’s on your NaNoWriMo must-haves list?