My “yes, please” and “no, thanks” list

listI’ve seen this done on other sites, and really loved the idea. Simply, this is the list of things I would love to have in my life, as well as a list of sparks I do NOT want to chase. Some are big, others are small, and several are downright silly, but here we go:

Yes, please! A wide and varied list of experiences.

No, thanks! A single, decades-long career.

Yes, please! A tiny minimalist home – maybe a cute studio with  big windows!

No, thanks! A house with a picket fence, property taxes, and a mortgage.

Yes, please! A wardrobe made up of a few unique second-hand finds.

No, thanks! A big collection of expensive, designer clothes.

Yes, please! A life without debt and a job that just pays the bills while offering a lot of free time.

No, thanks! A big income and no time to enjoy it.

Yes, please! A good portfolio of knitting stitches.

No, thanks! Crocheting at all. I just cannot get the hang of the thing!

Yes, please! A story that impacts others in a positive way.

No, thanks! Fame.

Yes, please! A strong, healthy, flexible body.

No, thanks! Running.

Yes, please! A meaningful and personal social life.

No, thanks! Hanging out with more than 4-5 people at a time.

Yes, please! Honesty.

No, thanks! Hiding and guessing.

Yes, please! A life without fear.

No, thanks! A life full of what-ifs and over-thinking.

What’s on your “yes, please” and “no, thanks” list? If you write one, and leave a link to it below, I’ll reblog it!


7 thoughts on “My “yes, please” and “no, thanks” list

  1. I did something similar the other day. Writing out how I want each day, week, fortnight and month to look and feel. Good exercise, I like it.

  2. Actually, there was one good thing about a decades-long job (that I stuck with because I couldn’t bear to give up the travel benefits) — I ended up with a pension, small but enough to let me retire earlier. — Sandy,
    PS you’re an inspiration, I’m working on my list

    • You’re so sweet. ^_^ Thank you.
      I love the idea of a job that gives you great travel benefits. I’m sure being able to see new places kept it from feeling stale to you! And a good pension can be a beautiful thing! 😉

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